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It’s no wonder Yukiko Ueno of Japan throws so hard. Check out this video clip which shows her awesome elbow snap/whip! What is your arm/elbow positioning and movement as it approaches release? If it’s not similar to this, you’re probably …

Softball Pitching Video: Yukiko Ueno Great Elbow Snap Read More »

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There is more than one way to grip your rise ball. However, here is a video clip that will show you how Bill Hillhouse does it. Why listen to him? Well… because he actually throws the pitch in competition against …

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This is a cool baseball vs softball video from the show Sport Science featuring Jennie Finch. In this episode they are testing what is harder to hit: a baseball or a softball. Wanna see a baseball guy whiff at softball …

Jennie Finch on Sport Science: Baseball vs Softball Read More »

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