Month: June 2010

Softball Hitting Video Clip – 10U

This video clip shows a 10U softball hit/swing.  Solid hit, shows firm front side, but no follow through and hands look like they are at or below the bat head on contact.  Includes slow motion replay for your enjoyment!  This

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Softball Fielding Tip – Proper Footwork for the Slow Roller

This video will show you how to properly approach (use correct footwork) a slow roller in the outfield.  Actually, this video also includes a few examples of incorrect footwork and tells you why it’s better to do it differently.  Slow

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Unique Softball Hitting Video – 10U Swings

There’s really nothing instructional about these hitting clips, just a chance to take a look at some youth softball hitting swings in slow motion and from a couple different angles.  This batter definitely has some things to work on, but

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