Month: October 2012

Puppets Don’t Win Games

Puppets don’t win softball games. Players who think on their feet do. Teach your players to think for themselves. Arm them with the tools they need so they can succeed on their own.

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5 UNsoftball Ways to Increase Your Softball Value

Just because you don’t have the strongest arm, the farthest hits, or the smoothest glove doesn’t mean you can’t help your team or stand out in some way. In fact, I believe EACH player can lead their team in something!

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Softball Success Tips: Opportunities Are Earned

softball opportunities are earned not given

The truth in competitive athletics is… Opportunities are earned, not given Tweet this IF you are given an opportunity from your coach, it’s your first one, on day one.  But even that one you earn by showing up.  If you

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