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Softball Success Tips: Opportunities Are Earned

by Stacie ~ October 22nd, 2012. Filed under: Softball Tips, To: Softball Players.

The truth in competitive athletics is…

Opportunities are earned, not given
softball opportunities are earned not given

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IF you are given an opportunity from your coach, it’s your first one on day one.  But even that one you earn by showing up.  You know don’t show up, you don’t get the chance.

Show up and you get one chance. One shot that’s yours to blow or utilize to earn more chances.

What happens after that depends on what you do with that one chance. Do you burn through it?  Or do you earn yourself more opportunities?

How do you earn opportunities?
Simple.  Some athletes earn opportunities with good attitude.  Some earn opportunities with their effort.  Others with their skill.  Particularly blessed athletes can rack up opportunities in all three areas because of their skill factor.  Yet some, both highly skilled and less skilled, don’t grasp the earning part and do nothing but burn through opportunities given.

Which one are you?  The choice is yours.

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