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Stacie Mahoe has been involved in the game of fastpitch softball since the age of 9 and is the Founded in 2004. Stacie also served as the Chief Marketing Officer at for a few years. Her perspectives on the game as a former player, current coach, and current softball parent provide unique insight on various softball issues.

While physical ability and athleticism are necessary to play the game, Stacie believes that the right mindset and attitude separate the good from the great and also help you succeed, not only on the diamond, but in life as well. While Stacie enjoys helping players improve their overall fitness and softball skill, far more rewarding is the opportunity to help young ladies become champions in life .

Words from Stacie

Hey, its me…

As mentioned above, many enjoy hearing my thoughts on the game of fastpitch softball, but one thing most people don’t know is that I never planned to play softball as a kid. I wanted to play basketball! All 5’2″ of me. lol

I distinctly remember my dad coming home from a local youth sports program and announcing that he signed me up to play sports. I was SO excited…until he said he signed me up for softball.

SOFTball? What kind of sport is that anyway? SOFTball…it didn’t even sound sporty!

Now that I think of it, he probably should have said “fastpitch.”

Regardless, I was SO upset at my dad that day for not signing me up for basketball. But it’s a good thing he made me try it because after just one season I was hooked!

I loved practicing, playing, and being part of a team, and to this day, I still enjoy softball!

I LOVE learning more and more about softball through observations and conversations with others who have different perspectives than me. I think many coaches and players miss out on these types of learning opportunities, mostly because they simply don’t look or listen for them. Heck, I even learn about softball when studying other things! (because success principles are success principles and they work no matter where you use them)

There’s so much you can learn if you just keep your eyes, ears, mind, and heart open. That’s not to say that I don’t get stubborn an sometimes downright opinionated from time to time, because I do, but I still love learning and growing each and every day!
(btw I prefer the word “determined” over “stubborn” 😉 )

Thankfully, my husband has become quite an expert in directing my “determination” and he often reminds me that my way isn’t the only way. He never really watched softball until he met me so his perspectives are often quite different from mine. This provide a unique opportunity for me to consider other thoughts and views on the game on a daily basis.

So blessed!

Here at you’ll find insights and thoughts on the game as I observe the softball world around me. I hope they help you gain a deeper understanding and enjoyment of fastpitch softball and I invite you to also share your softball thoughts with me and the other readers here!

Thanks so much for stopping by You’re always welcome.  In fact next time, bring a few friend with you. The more the merrier!

Wishing you the best,

Stacie Mahoe

Stacie Mahoe