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3 keys to bringing out the absolute best in your child

bring out the best in your child

I know you want your child to shine! But how do you bring out the best in them without “pushing?” Here are 3 powerful ideas for you to chew on 🙂 continually cultivate and nurture a strong relationship and connection

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One simple way to inspire excellence in your child

fill your cup sports mom

Want to raise your capacity for excellence and influence? DO THIS. Do this intentionally. Do this daily. If fact, not just daily, but throughout the day, any chance you get, do this. Especially you, super mom!

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Double Standards of “Leadership” in Youth Sports

Leadership requires character. I have, literally, seen situations where “leaders” feel they have the right, maybe even the duty, to request to see a team captain privately, just so they can ream them for the failures of the team. At

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