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  • AMEN. But don’t join a college team then quit leaving the team high and dry in the middle of the season. Make sure you commit when you commit to a team.

  • I know this video was posted a while ago, but I figured I’d take a shot at maybe getting a response. I’ve been playing softball since kindergarden and i truly love the sport. I’ve worked so hard and put in tons of hours expecially since i’ve been in high school practicing and playing on travel teams, in fall ball leagues, and high school. I’ve loved every minute of it except for high shcool softball. I’m under so much stress there to preform perfectly to never make any errors in a game or even in practice. I already put myself under a lot of pressure to do my best all the time, but even my best means that I might bauble a ball or strike out once in a while–at least in practice. But my couches don’t encourage us or cheer us on. The day after games they sight the errors made in the game and who made them, even if we win by a land slide. Usually i’m way ok with people critisizing me ebcause i know it’s designed to make me better (i’m always trying to get better) but they way they do it just humiliates and puts down the people who make mistakes.

    Conditioning for the spring season starts next week and I’m torn on what to do. It’s my senior year and I don’t want to let down my team, but i absolutely hate playing under these couches. They ruin the game that I love and the season takes up so much of my time. I don’t want to waste my senior year at pratice 6 days a week doing something that I don’t like but i don’t want to give up either. I feel like quiting is just giving in, I HATE quiting anything espcially when I know i’m good enough to do it, but this doesn’t seem worth proving anyhing.

  • Omgosh this is exactly how I am right now

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