Softball Outfield Priorities and Fundamentals

Often times outfielders will collide or allow a fly ball to drop because priorities have not properly been set.  Setting priorities on the field for fly balls is SUPER important.  I’ve heard a baseball story about a lethal injury to a SS colliding with an LF over a fly ball.  Extreme yes, but why take the risk of something like this happening?

Make sure to set up and practice fly ball priorities, not only so you can get more outs, but for optimal safety of the players as well!

This video shows how to set up fly ball priorities on the field as well as shares some other outfield fundamental concepts any coach or player should know.



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  • […] Softball Outfield Fielding Priorites and Fundamentals by Stacie Mahoe covers the basics of how players should decide who makes the play when a ball is hit between them. This is important because two outfielders, or an infielder and an outfielder, can collide when they come together at full speed if both are trying to make the catch. There’s a possibility for serious injury. There’s also the possibility that  will decide let the other make the play at the last moment. This usually causes injury to both players’ pride in addition to allowing a runner to either reach base or advance on the bases. […]

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