Crystl Bustos Softball Batting Clip – See the Elbow?

Wow!  So I got a lot of heat for what I said in this softball hitting video about position of the back elbow prior to your swing.  My main point is that you should NOT force young players to put their back elbow up before their swing if they aren’t comfortable with.  It’s not “necessary.”  At the same time, it’s also not “wrong.”  So if that’s what works for you, by all means, keep it up!  Just saying, if it doesn’t work for a player, don’t force them to do it.

No matter how many people disagree, I will continue to say that having your elbow up before you start your swing simply isn’t necessary in order to hit the ball well. It is not an “absolute” of hitting and is basically just a personal preference for the hitter.

Here’s a screen shot of Crystl Bustos, arguably one of the best hitters in the game, from Ontario Fastpitchher elbow is clearly not “up.”

See the full softball batting clip here.

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  • Back elbow pre hitting or load position doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if its up down straight in the air or touching the ground. 99% of great hitter do have the elbow up and hands back for greater torque. One of the best hitters ever however Pete rose, elbows for the whole way which proves the point it doesn’t matter how you do just do what you do well. But in load a good hitter should have the elbow up. It’s a crazy thing how so many coaches are so stuck on it when there are literally 1000 other things you can argue about. Elbow up elbow down is lame. As soon as I hear it I know the person I’m talking to probably never played past little league and now watches you tube videos or is getting ripped off at coaches clinics. If coaches would just let the batters natural hitting positions go and make small adjustments and stop arguing over ridiculous issues like elbow up or down the world would be better. The only way to get girls college ready is to help instill a love for the game the. They will find their way. Also if they learn different techniques the. They will be able to adjust to their coaches preference, batting lineup position and situational hitting which may get them a starting job or spot on a team. I watched your first video. It’s not wrong, it’s not right. Just a point I get it. -P

  • *pete rose elbows down
    *elbow before load doesn’t matter at load 99% up

  • I couldn’t agree more Pat!

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