Livestrong Does Softball? How to Hit a Softball Video

livestrong softball hitting video

I didn’t know made softball videos.  Here’s one of them.  How to Hit a Softball.

What do you think?

Some of it is similar to my controversial elbow video. I like the information on lower body stance and grip.  Not sure I like the load…stride…swing segmentation.  I do believe hitters should load, stride, and swing.  I’m just not sure separating it all so much in training is the best idea.

Anyway, press play, take a peek and leave a comment with what you think.  For me, it was a lot better than I expected since I really didn’t know what to expect from a Livestrong softball video.  lol



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Comments 4

  • Beyond the “Basics of Hitting,” e.g., load, stride, swing, do you advocate linear or rotational mechanics?

  • I advocate whatever works for the hitter! Actually, I used linear in college with much success. However, my own daughters have a more rotational approach. Honestly, all the technical talk about hitting gives me a headache. lol

    Therefore, I’ve never really dug into each style and its intricacies. However, I LOVE what Crystl Bustos teaches, which, in my opinion, has a lot of the rotational principles in it. 🙂

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