How to Make Easy Softball Recruiting Videos

Getting noticed is an important part of the college recruiting process.  If coaches don’t know about you they can’t recruit you!

Living in Hawaii makes it a little more difficult for my daughter to attend lots of college camps, clinics, or showcases. So we had to find other ways for her to “be seen.”

What we’ve tried to do is take as much video as we can and make it available via a YouTube channel. We’re also fortunate that some of her high school games are streamed live on the internet and are also available afterwards for continued viewing at any time.

Whenever she makes contact with a college coach via email, she can let them know clips of her performance and training are available online. She can then, include a link to her YouTube channel or to a specific video, depending on what made the most sense for that particular email.  For coaches who want to see her play, we usually refer them to the games that were streamed online and also to the game footage videos we put on YouTube.

Sharing your YouTube link with friends who can pass on the information to college coaches they know also help tremendously.  If you personally know ANYONE who knows and communicates with college coaches at any level…

  • Get in touch with them!
  • Give them all the pertinent information they’ll need in a “copy and paste” format (name, grad year, position(s), contact info, youtube link, standout stats, etc).
  • Ask them if they could do you a favor and pass your daughter’s information along to their friends who are college coaches.

A personal recommendation from a friend may be what it takes to get a coach to look at an email with YOUR information in it vs just sifting through the piles of email that fills up their inbox each and every day.

Creating college recruiting videos for your YouTube Channel can be as simple as this…

After summer ball ended, I added a hitting video to my daughter’s channel. All I did was record some at bats with my iPhone during the summer.  Then I used iMovie to put the clips together.

Pretty simple, pretty fast, and still useful for coaches who want to see game footage of her. The iMovie app for iPhone or iPad costs $4.99, but in my opinion it’s well worth it!  Now when coaches ask to seeing her train or play, and she can’t fly out to their camp, all she need to do is send them the link to her YouTube channel or to a specific video.

College coaches have actually told her that they “YouTubed” her and watched a bunch of the videos she has there. We started adding videos when she started high school so you can see some of the progression she’s gone through in the last few years.

If I’m not mistaken, every video in my daughter’s YouTube channel was taken with a phone or some other mobile device. Then we simply uploaded to YouTube, or possibly did a little editing in iMovie, then uploaded it to YouTube.

In my opinion, it’s the LEAST you can do if you don’t have an endless supply of travel dollars to send your daughter to ever showcase, camp, or clinic you’d like. If you already have a mobile device capable of recording video and posting to YouTube, this literally costs you nothing.

If you have an apple device and want to get iMovie so you can put different clips together and add text, then it costs you a whopping $4.99. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s worth the cost and time for the possibility of getting a portion of your daughter’s college education paid for at some point.

Here’s the video I put together from this summer. It didn’t take very long and all I needed was my iPhone.

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