5 specific ways essential oils helped my family in less than a month

Not long ago, I did a blog post sharing how sports moms and athletes use essential oils to help support peak performance.

Today, I’m sharing experiences from my OWN life.

Listen in to this free class where you’ll hear about 5 specific ways essential oils have help our busy sports family in the short time we’ve had them (less than a month!)OR how I fell out of my van and survived (this is a true story).

These oils keep surprising me. From…

  • how easy they are to use
  • to how easy they are to learn about
  • to how quickly they provide relief
  • to how much my kids love them
  • to other people starting to turn to me when they have something they need relief for

…in every way, they’ve far exceeded my expectations. I’d heard good things about essential oils before, but was pretty skeptical. Now that I’ve had the chance to use and learn about them myself, I believe they can help anyone and any family in SO many ways.

Our overall well being is, literally, essential in anything we do…in competition, in making decisions for our family, in parenting, in our relationships with those we care about most…when something is out of whack and we’re not feeling our best physically, mentally, emotionally, it affects everything!

Essential oils give us an effective way to stay at our best so we can be our best for others 🙂

Click play to find out how they’ve helped me with that…

Download the audio


Mentioned in this audio class

  • Sore throats (melaleuca, frankincense, OnGuard protective blend)
  • Earaches (melaleuca, frankincense, Purify cleansing blend)
  • Falling out of my van! aka muscle aches, pains, and tension (frankincense, lemongrass, Deep Blue soothing blend)
  • Not feeling well/cough (lavender, Breathe respiratory blend, melaleuca, frankincense, peppermint)
  • Scrapes/bumps (lavender, frankincense, lemongrass)
  • Girl time (Clary Calm women’s monthly blend)
  • Diffusing for an relaxing, pleasant home environment (oils we like to diffuse include: Citrus Bliss invigorating blend, OnGuard protective blend, Serenity calming blend, lavender, Balance grounding blend, Purify cleansing blend)

essential oils for softball
Contact me to get essential oils at wholesale prices or to learn more about what essential oils can do for you and your active sports family!
e-mail me: oils [at] staciemahoe . com

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