FLOW isn’t just for athletes

We talk about FLOW and being “in the zone” in regards to athletes a lot.

Have you ever stopped to think this state is available to and useful for you as a mom too?

QUESTION: Do you purposefully tap into and take advantage of FLOW?

Or are you often feeling rushed, stressed, tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, worried, tense, annoyed, or otherwise out of “the zone?”

Sometimes, the reason why you get stuck there is because you’re way too busy complaining or venting about what’s wrong. You’re expending valuable time and energy on the WRONG thing … the problem.

Problems are here <-

Solutions are there ->

They do not live in the same place.

And you can’t possibly get “there” (or even see what’s “over there”) from “here.”

So, stop your complaining and your grumbling about everything that’s going wrong.

In order to have any chance at seeing possibilities and solutions, you need to cut the crap. Now.

Make it a new habit. No complaining, no grumbling. Not even to (and certainly not ABOUT) yourself!

Moving forward, learning lessons, making progress, and finding solutions require that start focusing on what’s going well so you can build upon it!

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