YOUR Unique Strengths Matter – Let Them SHINE!

your unique strengths matter - lesson from my kids

One thing you learn really quickly when you have kids is …

They’re all different.

They each have their own strengths, their own weaknesses, their own interests, their own motivations, their own ways of understanding and communicating, their own unique gifts and value they bring to our home, to their team, to their classes, to the community, and to the world around them.

The same is true for the business leaders I work with in my essential oils family.

Each leader has different strengths, different weaknesses, and unique value they bring to their customers, our team, and the world ?

The last thing I want to do with ANY leader is try to force them into some mold they don’t belong in just because “everyone” says “that’s the way it should be done.”

I didn’t do it as a softball coach. I don’t do it with my kids. I don’t do it with my leaders. Cookie cutters have no place in any of it IMHO.

My #1 goal with any leader that joins my team (and my goal with my kids, to be honest) is to bring out YOUR strengths, to help you discover and deliver your unique value, and to let your light shine in your own way … and in your own timing.

You’re not going to build your business just like me or just like my upline or just like anyone else who’s come before you because you are not them.

You’re you.

And YOU are what your audience has been waiting for.

The quickest way to burnout and hating, not just your business, but who you are in it, is to try to be someone and something you’re not (ask me how I know ?).

So, together, we are going to build your business your way ?

Now, I’m not saying you have to completely reinvent the wheel here 🙂

But you’re sure as heck gonna put your spin on it and drive and operate your vehicle in the way that makes the most sense for you ?

Shoot me a message on FB or IG to explore the possibilities 🙂

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