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Whew! What a week it’s been. I just wrapped up a week of sending out free essential oil samples to moms across the country. So happy I can connect my fellow mommas with such a powerful tool! <3

I get many beautiful messages on a daily basis and, as you can imagine, a bunch are asking about essential oils, including these two which I’ve mentioned before.

First, I apologize for not talking about our beautiful doTERRA essential oils here more. I’ve committed to start sharing more about how to use them day to day! These are the two oils we use most often for our kids in sports, including these guys (see pic above) who crushed their goals at UPSA’s Powerlifting Drug Tested Nationals in GA this summer!

BREATHE: Incredible respiratory support. We’ve eliminated use of synthetic OTC products for this & it’s helped everyone in my family through the past few years especially, but has always been a favorite before, during & after workouts too. When my kids say, “I can’t breathe,” during workouts, I joke that breathing is overrated and encourage them to keep going ^.^

But in all honesty, we use this blend to help enhance that flow of oxygen in training so hard their body & muscles have the oxygen needed to WORK HARD in training. Get for “catching your breath” again after exertion as well 🙂

At home, we diffuse it and/or use as a direct rub with carrier oil right over the chest/back, I’m sure your tribe will love it as much as we do!

DEEP BLUE: This is the blend our athletes never go without. Soothe achy muscles & joints. Help warm up tight spots prior to practice or training to help reduce risk of injury. Excellent after training/practice for muscle recovery which is so often overlooked by most athletes. We’re sending you a vial of Breathe & a packet of Deep Blue each for FREE!

If you’ve followed this website over the years, you’ll know our family has had lots to celebrate and supporting my family, and their optimal performance, naturally using essential oils has been a major part of that

Therefore, if you’d like me to send you a sample too … and do NOT have a doTERRA wholesale membership already (and you’re not currently working with another Wellness Advocate to open one up)

Go to to request your free 7-day supply of essential oils to try.

I’ll send you this little gift with a personal thank you note for following our journey over the years!

Enjoy <3

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