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Fun chat with Gordon Maclelland from the UK, CEO of WWPIS (Working With Parents in Sport)! I enjoyed hearing Gordon’s perspective on … being a sports parent the experience that sparked the development of the Parents in Sport website who …

Episode 68: Gordon MacLelland from Working With Parents in Sport Read More »

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Quoting Napoleon Hill in this episode and sharing stories of disadvantages turned into advantages. Is there evidence of this in your life that you can think of? Is there a situation in which you’re feeling discouraged or frustrated? This episode …

Episode 20: Seeing gifts within disadvantages Read More »

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Great athletes often go above and beyond what’s required at practice and competition. Most are putting in extra training on their own time. In this episode, you’ll hear thoughts on how to maximize that extra training and get the most …

Episode 19: How to help your child get the most out of their extra training Read More »

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