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There’s a massive misconception about having to do things you don’t like doing. We tend to take this concept out of context and communicate it in a way that isn’t helpful. In this episode, you’ll find out where we’re focusing …

Episode 13: Learning to do things you don’t like Read More »

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“Let them fail. Let them figure it out.” Why? Why would we want to do that? I absolutely AGREE that failure is often an essential step in any journey. I AGREE that learning how to best navigate failures and mistakes …

You don’t have to “Let Them Fail” Read More »

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Cheering FOR your team is one thing. Cheering AGAINST the opponent is another. Adults trying to verbally bully kids from the bleachers is NOT cool. Let the kids play!  Your presence should enhance their experience, not destroy it. That is …

Sports Parenting Truth: Bullies in the Stands Read More »

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