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Episode 13: Learning to do things you don’t like

Eating Curveballs for Breakfast Podcast - with Stacie Mahoe

There’s a massive misconception about having to do things you don’t like doing. We tend to take this concept out of context and communicate it in a way that isn’t helpful. In this episode, you’ll find out where we’re focusing

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Missing softball for other sports: is it fair?

softball coaching

Last week, I shared this article on facebook about sports specialization and about how college coaches actually prefer multi-sport athletes. I know I’m not the only one who has ever mentioned this before. Judging by many of the comments and

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Coach, don’t do this BS stuff

Share this article: Click Here to Tweet Short and sweet… You can’t preach to your team about commitment then make lineup decisions that show your expectations only apply to some while others get to do whatever they want. Well, you

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