Coach, don’t do this BS stuff

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Short and sweet…

softball coaching tip: don't do thisYou can’t preach to your team about commitment then make lineup decisions that show your expectations only apply to some while others get to do whatever they want.

Well, you can, but not if your actually want the trust and respect of your players.

Even at the youngest ages, players aren’t stupid. Don’t treat them like they are.

It really stinks when I hear 10U players tell me, point blank, that it doesn’t matter if they show up every day and work hard. Their effort doesn’t mean anything. *ugh*

Often these players are in their first years participating in this game and chances are they won’t stick around.  If they do, there’s probably some “healing” they need to go through before they give anyone their absolute best again.  Coaches like these make the job tougher for good coaches out there!

Here’s what a friend of mine had to say about this subject (and I agree with her 100%)…

Coaches like that don’t realize they are team killers. Morale goes down, contempt between players goes up, respect for coaches goes wayyy down…bad stuff all around. Kids get the message that they don’t need to show up or work hard because the chosens don’t and that the commitment and hard work they put into their training isn’t good enough. So annoying.

What do you think? Have you experienced or seen this before?

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  • Certainly a killer. I see this happens a lot and those that keep quiet are worse hit all the time. I now realize that and will certainly give games to those that make an effort n turn up for training. Players get away with it when their precence does make the number….

  • This is a HUGE PROBLEM out there! Not only r parents not preparing them for the hardcore world of High School Softball, they r also putting the parents or the kids of parents who know that daddy ball and babying players will get u nowhere, in a bad situation. We r made to look like traitors or heartless. When in reality, we want our dtr to be as prepared for what is in store for her when she hits high school and hopefully college. We have never sugar coated anything for her. U earn ur spot on the field and in the line up. I have had to beg coaches to please move her out of the clean up spot she hasn’t hit a ball in a while cause she’s pulling her head out. I want her to be challenged, want to get her spot back and put in the work to get it back. We have left many teams, some friends of ours because they will NOT get over the daddy ball or babying. And it never matters how up front we r about what we expect out of a coach, they always get mad when we leave even though we give them warning after warning and explain to them, “you r not helping them u r hurting them”! My dad has been coaching HS SB for over 25 years and is very well respected. He puts his girls through a vigorous boot camp before the season starts. It weeds a lot of girls out. Mine will not be one!

  • I whole heartedly agree BUT you put us in a position too with cutting off your nose to spite your face. I would love for the other girls to step up or call out the “favorites” when they dont show u p or work as hard. Here in Nor Cal High School isnt legit anymore and A ball is watered down. So you do get away with bs. I wish it werent true. But you cant have it both ways. I dont bend on this rule but you cant win games and have the girls who work hard play. Im only sayibg what is true for 90% of the teams out there. I dont agree but its something that should be said out loud. Im not condoning it but its happening more frequently with everyobe that plays daddy ball can make a team once someone plays more than their daughter or they dont like what a coach or organuzation does. Just being truthful.

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