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Participation Trophies Are Not the Problem

participation trophy James Harrison

Share this article: CLICK HERE to Tweet Janis Meredith shared James Harrison’s view on participation trophies and asked whether he did what a lot of parents are thinking or did he overreact. Well, to be honest, my thoughts were… Seriously… The trophy

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What does your child need on game day?

fastpitch softball game day

What is the pre-game atmosphere like in your family? Perhaps the car ride to the game is full of last minute advice or pep talks. I sure did my share of pre-game pumping up, but if I’m really being honest,

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How to get your team (or child) to play with heart


Share this article: CLICK HERE to Tweet Have you ever heard this quote before? “You teach what you know, but reproduce what you are.” I definitely agree with it and it’s quite powerful when you think about it. Just the other

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