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Excellence isn’t something you do TO your child …

excellence is an inside job

Hey mama, remember … You’re trying to kindle a flame within your child, to fuel a fire NOT fill a vessel. The first approach has you WORKING WITH what’s already there and magnifying it, bringing out more of it. The

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Hey mom, are you overcomplicating things with fear

sports mom tips: follow your heart

As a mom, there’s little you want more than to help your child be an amazing human being and achieve their wildest dreams. But your biggest fears and worries are stressing you out and taking some of the joy out

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Episode 7: Frustrated with lack of progress? Here’s some hope for you!

Episode 9: Confessions of a Sports Mom

Recently, I’ve been hearing lots of moms express concern over their child’s struggle as they transition into a new season of life. Maybe it’s new team, or a new level of competition that’s has disrupted the status quo. This can

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