Agree or Disagree: Change Softball Pitching Stride Length to Change Height of Pitch

In this video Crissy Rap talks about what to work on first, speed or accuracy, then she also discusses how to get the ball to go where you want. Her suggestion for changing the height of a pitch, low vs high, is to change your pitching stride length (about 2:50 into the video) – lengthen to throw higher, shorten to throw lower. Agree or disagree?


Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on this softball pitching tip.

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  • The height that you follow through with your wrist has a bigger influence on the resulting height that a pitch ends up. By finishing with a higher follow through will encourage a higher destination for the ball. If you keep the wrist follow through low the ball will stay low.
    The posture of the body is also another influence. Leaning back upon release(shoulders behind hips) will promote a higher result. Shoulders directly above hips will encourage a lower result. Shoulders in front of hips will again alter the target result.
    Altering the length of the stride will effect the ability to get to the right posture, however we do not want to reduce velocity because of this.

  • The release of the ball is all you need in high or low pitches. If the ball is released before the hip, ball will stay low and drop. If the ball is released past the hip ball will travel to high zones.

  • I’m with you on that Barry!

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