Softball Thoughts of the Week

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Softball Thoughts of the Week

Agree or Disagree?

Your “Ace” is whoever’s standing in the circle giving her best for the team in that given moment.

Back when I had a “day job” I remember thinking…

Worst day at the field is still better than the best day at work 🙂

The LAST thing you need to be doing when standing up for something you believe in is worrying about what other people think – ESPECIALLY when those people have NO clue about what’s really going on.

Been there, done that, and slapped “stupid” across my own head for being foolish enough to take advice from uninformed/misinformed/under-in…formed “know-it-alls” (aka idiots). Not making that mistake twice. 🙂

Goals you set must be YOUR goals. You won’t stick with them and push through challenges if goals you have are not yours.

Playing because “daddy wants me to” is not going to pull you through when all heck is breaking loose around you, when umpires aren’t giving you calls, or when you make costly mistakes on the biggest stage of the season. You only survive and make it through times like those if you are there because YOU want to be.

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