Softball Success Tip: How to Deal with Haters and Ignorance

Haters and ignorance can both be quite annoying.  I never quite heard it explained like this but I thought Deion Sanders did a great job talking about how to deal with haters…

However, TRUTH has to remember that there is one more runner in the race – and that’s Hate. Unlike the Lie, Hate doesn’t try to run ahead of the TRUTH. Unlike, Jealousy and Envy, Hate doesn’t try to run next to and surround the TRUTH. No, Hate loves to stay behind and FOLLOW the TRUTH. No matter where the TRUTH goes, Hate will always be right behind. So, if you’re being followed by Haters, that’s a good indication that you’re running with the TRUTH!

Just like with Jealousy and Envy, the TRUTH can’t afford to be distracted by Hate. It would be even worse for TRUTH to pay attention to Hate because Hate is BEHIND the TRUTH. That means TRUTH would have to TURN AROUND just to look at the Hate. That’s really all your Haters want. They want you to take your eyes off the finish line, stop running your race, and turn around to look at them. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Focus, baby, focus! The best thing you can do for your Haters is to love them…they HATE that!

Success Tips from Deion Sanders

In this article he also talked about what to do with ignorance and when championships are won.   He pointed out that even if you don’t get out to a great start, you still have a chance to FINISH strong.

After reading that I realized I’m probably being too hard on myself for not accomplishing some of the goals I had for this year. It’s been tough to accept because last year’s goals got knocked out of the park! So falling short this year has been frustrating to say the least.

Then again, I did successfully deliver my 7th child (a happy, healthy baby boy) with no drugs. That counts for something right?

I need to start focusing more on the blessings I have rather than on the fact that some goals have not been accomplished…YET.

This year is not over. There’s still time to finish strong!

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