Motivation Monday: Are You Looking for Success in All the Wrong Places?

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Stop looking outside yourself for the next gadget or gizmo to bring  you success.  It’s fine if you want to use them as tools, but remember this…

Softball Tips: Everything you need is already inside.
Stop thinking you aren’t enough.  Any tool or coaching you find isn’t a “magic key” that makes you successful.

YOU make you successful.  

You have to do the work.  No one else can do it for you.

You have to USE and apply the training you get, the tools you find, the knowledge you’re taught.

Those things alone are just things.

You can give the exact same tools to two different, but equally talented, athletes and get completely different results; one highly successful and the other with no improvement whatsoever.  


Because the “magic” isn’t in the tool.

YOU are the “magic key” that produces “successful” results while utilizing what’s available to you.  It’s inside of you!

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  • I have a young player who started her 8U season as the most dominant pitcher in her division. As the season progressed she seemed to have lost her drive to win. I’m not sure what to do and don’t want to see all that talent go to waste. Any thoughts tips or ideas?

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