Sue Enquist on How to Get Recruited for College Softball

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Since I am in the thick of the college recruiting process right now with my daughter, I was SO excited to see this interview of Sue Enquist! She shares so many great insights and tips here.

First tip in the video: plan and prepare as if your phone is NOT going to ring.

In other words, do work. Do as much of the legwork as you can to make it easy for college coaches to find out about you, see you, get to know you, pick you, etc, etc, etc.

Other things Sue talks about in this college recruiting video…

— what coaches think of what you post on social media
— what the role of your high school coach is
— what she thinks of travel ball opportunities
— when recruiting starts
— when coaches evaluate student-athletes
— things coaches look at that you may not think about
— and a whole lot more!

If you’re in high school or know players in high school, please WATCH THIS or share it with those who need to hear this…

Press Play for more tips from Sue Enquist

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