Twitter is not a recruiting nightmare, poor choices are

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Twitter is not a recruiting nightmare, bad choices are
I shared my thoughts on social media before. This topic came up again when I saw this headline in my Facebook Newsfeed…

Georgia coach Mark Richt dropped a recruit because of his tweets
Under that it said, “Twitter is a recruiting nightmare.”

I disagree. Twitter is just a tool, just a platform through which people can communicate. HOW YOU CHOOSE TO USE IT however, can cause problems for you if you make bad choices.

The bottom line is, YOUR choices affect opportunities you receive and ones you get taken away from you.

Don’t blame the tool.

This very same tool can HELP you in your recruiting process if you use it properly, wisely, and with integrity!

Online, offline, it doesn’t matter. It’s all REAL LIFE. What you say is what you say. What you do is what you do. It doesn’t matter where or when or who you think is watching, you are responsible for your actions, your words, and your choices!

Don’t think what you post on the Internet can be safely hidden or deleted! 

Make sure you’re choices are solid from the get go, not something you’ll want to “delete” later.  If you don’t want people to find out about something you said or did, it’s better not to do it in the first place and most certainly don’t post it online no matter what you think your privacy settings are!

Colleges DO look at social media. It’s part of life in the 21st century.

Conduct yourself like a champion at all times.

When you get to college, even more so, you’re life will be under a microscope.  Is it any wonder college coaches want to see how you behave when you think no one will find out?

Practice now.

Making good choices in all areas of life is a good habit to develop, not only for college, but for well beyond that.

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