I will not trade integrity for trophies

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As a coach: I will not trade integrity for trophies. How I impact others matters more than any trophy. Being a sleazeball is just not my thing.

As a parent: Don’t get sucked into sacrificing your values for glory or achievements or promise of excellence. This is a lesson I learned the hard way. I can tell you now, it’s not worth it. Don’t do it!

Players: Your true test of greatness is not whether or not you become a champion in the record books, but will people remember you even if you LOSE? “Champions” come and go. Championships are won and lost every single year, but how many are remembered for the heart, hustle, and honor they displayed?

trophies vs integrity

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  • Hi Stacie, Iv’e always loved your thoughts and enjoyed your writings. My granddaughter will be attending Louisiana Tech on scholarship. She has played showcase for a while and was seen in Plano playing on a team where she played pitcher and CF every other game. She will playing CF for Tech. She has been playing since she was 6 and she is now a senior. I don’t remember a lot of championships but I made sure once I stopped coaching that she played for coaches with character and scruples. If you can’t trust your daughters coach with your your money then WHY is your daughter playing for him? Keep up the good work Stacie.

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