Catching Tips with Megan Willis

Great catchers make teams better.


Pitchers throw with more confidence to a catcher they trust. Your defense, like it or not, receives cues from the catcher on the field. A good catcher can lift your team’s level of play with their demeanor and leadership on the field. A weaker one can bring your team down with nothing more than negative body language.

A catcher who lets baserunners advance by with passed balls can really make things tough for your team. No longer does your opponent need to hit or sacrifice to advance or score runners.

A weak catcher can be a huge problem!
A strong catcher can be a saving grace.

As important as catchers are, they are often overlooked in softball training. Fastpitch softball coaches routinely spend time on hitting, fielding, pitching, and baserunning, but catchers can really get left out without a “catching” coach on staff.

Unless you were a catcher yourself, you probably don’t know as much about catching as you do about other parts of the game. This leaves both parents and coaches of catchers seeking help in this area. Thankfully, Megan Willis, graduate of the University of Texas and current NPF player, took some time to share some of her catching knowledge with all of us!

In this video she covers…

  • How to avoid catcher’s thumb on drop balls
  • Receiving tips to get more strike calls for your pitcher
  • Blocking tips so the balls stays in front of you (and playable) instead of getting by or running away
  • How to make those crucial plays at the plate without getting called for obstruction
  • and more

Press play on the video below to learn more.

Fast Forward to 1:53 to skip straight to the catching tips

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