Got “Haters?” Me too. This is what I like to do …

how to deal with haters
You know how some people say their haters motivate them? This post is not that.

I see things a little differently.

I wanted to share my thoughts, in case they might be useful to you in seasons of life when your haters are getting to you a bit (or maybe a lot).

Thoughts on haters …

1. There will ALWAYS be some, no matter how amazing you are or get. In fact, you may even have more haters the more awesome you become 🙂

People, generally, don’t hate on you less when you prove them wrong. They typically hate you more because they end up feeling even more frustrated and more annoyed by your success and achievements.

2. Haters deserve NONE of your time, attention, or energy. NONE. No explanations. No justifications. Nothing.

3. Haters certainly don’t deserve to be the reason why you go farther and push harder and achieve more.
If you want to let someone be your “motivation,” the reason why you go above and beyond, let it be the people who love and support and believe in you!

THOSE people deserve to be part of the reason you rise.

Yes, hate can be a fuel that burns bright and hot, but it’s also destructive source that leaves you feeling consumed and completely drained by it.

Love, on the other hand, isn’t referred to as the most powerful force in the universe for nothing. It is a fuel that burns strong and steady and leaves you feeling whole and joyful and strong and fulfilled and grateful.

If you’re going to be “motivated” by something, choose to be motivated by LOVE, not hate.

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