What are YOU here for?

Have you ever seen a basehitter try to be a power hitter? Or a pitcher who is great due to movement and change of speed try to be a pitcher who overpowers batters in the box?

Have you ever found yourself trying to be something you’re not mostly because it’s what others around you value and praise?

But is that what you’re here for?

Or do you have some other unique value and gift that you bring to the world, to your team, to your family, to your community?

It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone gets excited about (like homerun hitters and power pitchers). It’s understandable to want to be those things, to be what everyone else oohs and aaahs over … but if that’s not you, trying to go out and be that, instead of yourself, can have you off track and in the weeds before you even realize you’re off the rails. 

How can you bring more of YOURSELF to the table each and every day … and trust doing so is enough, that doing so is powerful, that doing so is of value to you and those around you?

Something to think about 😉

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