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Episode 32: Monday motivation for athletes playing time truth

Episode 32: monday motivation for athletes

Playing time is an issue that brings up strong feelings and emotion in youth sports. At the developmental levels, of course, I do feel that players should all get as much playing time as possible. There may come a time

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Episode 15: Making a positive impression on coaches

Eating Curveballs for Breakfast Podcast - with Stacie Mahoe

Find out how you can make a positive impression on coaches in ways that don’t depend on your sports skill or physical talent ot strength or speed. Listen in for “non-sports-skill” ways to set yourself apart and stand out in

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Got “Haters?” Me too. This is what I like to do …

how to deal with haters

You know how some people say their haters motivate them? This post is not that. I see things a little differently. I wanted to share my thoughts, in case they might be useful to you in seasons of life when your haters

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