Lack of urgency, focus, drive …

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Is lack of urgency something you’re seeing with your team/athlete right now? 

You’re very likely not alone, and there could be various factors at play here, but one I wanted to share with you today …

There’s no urgency because there’s no REASON for it.

If you’re seeing a lack of urgency, intensity, focus, or consistency of effort, it’s likely because the player/team has no reason (from their perspective) to bring that daily.

Either that or they’re on the verge or, worse yet, past the verge of burnout. Or maybe they’ve fallen out of love with the game or never loved it to begin with.

Those are very common issues that get in the way, but also check on that REASON part.

Does your athlete/team have a bigger picture plan or goal? 
Something LONGer TERM that gives meaning to the mundane?
To the monotony? To the day to day?

Some players love the game so much, that’s reason enough.

Others might need some guidance with clearly seeing that reason they show up and go all out every day.

Without it, it’s no surprise they’re lacking the drive you want to see.

Help them connect with a reason (often called a “why”) that matters to them and it’ll be much easier to ignite that drive, that sense of urgency, that intensity, that focus, that motivation that you so much want to bring forth in them.

Hope that helps <3

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