Video: Summer Softball Training Hill Sprints in Sand

There are some “crazy” softball players out there who are doing this kind of summer softball training (and more) to improve their softball performance.  What are you doing to raise your game and outlast, outrun, and outplay your competition?

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  • That looks like a lot of fun!  My dad is the motivating factor behind my softball training.

    I wish we had a beach but we don’t.  We lift waits in our garage, I run, we do stadiums, I have wrist waits, hit, throw, …what else.  My life is eat, sleep, and dream softball.

    Thanks for sharing softball tips and updates.  

    oh and also…

    Stacie, I have been following your posts and facebook for about a month now and am impressed with your dedication.  I was wondering if I could write a post for your site of one of my Softball Cheers.  I have a fun one in mind.  I create videos for them.

    Let me know by sending me an email at softballcheers at softballcheerslivingdailies dot com or by sending me a message on twitter.


    ~Yo Yo

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