Are You Bold and Fearless?

I read one of those “self development” articles the other day and really loved some of the points made in the article. The reason I’m sharing it here is because, like just about anything else, I think it applies to coaching softball or parenting a softball player. 🙂

Here are my thoughts on a few of the points from the article…

1. Apologize

It takes courage to admit when you are wrong. It’s a bold act to admit when you make a mistake. Apologizing takes you out of your comfort zone and enhances your relationships. That’s big.   Stacie’s Thoughts: enhanced “relationships” in coaching (or parenting) means you have deeper and more meaningful impact.

2. Be yourself

Don’t imitate anyone. Take off your mask. Allow yourself to become vulnerable. Share your flaws with others. See perfection in your imperfections. Who you are is a gift to the world. Allow yourself to shine.  Stacie’s Thoughts: THIS!!! Too many coaches try to be JUST LIKE other coaches. I get not trying to re-invent the wheel, but bring more of YOU into your coaching. This makes you more real which makes you more believable as a coach which makes you a more effective coach.

3. Take responsibility.

You are where you are in life because of the choices you make. If you don’t like what you see, change it. One question I ask myself often is, “Is this the life I want to create?” If you don’t exercise, make a change. If you need to get out of debt, spend less. Responsibility brings freedom.  Stacie’s Thoughts: What excuses do you have as a coach? What things do you blame? Where can you take action to make changes in areas of your coaching that you don’t like? Where can you make changes in the way you manage/run your team?

4. Keep your commitments.

Write down everything you say you are going to do. Write down the promises you make to others. When you keep your promises, you build self-respect. Others respect you as well.   Stacie’s Thoughts: Empty threats or plans you don’t follow through on kill your credibility (and therefore you effectiveness) as a coach. Do what you say you’re going to do.

5. Rock the boat.

Speak up. Make a difference. Share your feelings when you witness an injustice. Practice sharing your opinion. Don’t allow someone to take advantage of you. Learn to say, “no.” Refuse to hold back when your gut says to move forward.   Stacie’s Thoughts: Don’t do things as a coach just because that’s what other people do or accept as “best.” Do your homework, use your own brain to figure out what works for you and your team. Trust your gut. At the end of the day, you have to live with the decisions you make so they may as well be YOURS, not someone else’s opinion of what’s best.

Read the full article here

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