15 Softball Success Thoughts for Tough Times

softball success tips: never quit

The main reason people don’t succeed is not because they fail, but because they give up when things get tough or downright ugly.

Here are 15 Softball Success Thoughts for you to read and believe when things don’t exactly the way you want…

  1. Even if I take a step back or make a wrong turn, I can find another route to success.
  2. Stopping or giving up is not an option. I will find my way as long as I keep my eyes on the prize.
  3. Success is a journey, not a destination. That is why I strive to make each step count, even the steps I take backwards or sidewards.
  4. A positive attitude helps me move forward and points me back in the right direction when I get knocked off course.
  5. I choose to become a trailblazer. Players coming behind me will have access to another path thanks to my determination to stay the course and create a new route.
  6. When I arrived at a fork in the road I trust my intuition to guide me. This helps me uncover my inner confidence while and experiencing success in a new way.
  7. Missing a turn toward success causes me no panic because I know I have countless options. I am not limited to only one path or one way.

  8. Wrong turns may lead me to find a new way, maybe even one that suits me better than the original path and plan.
  9. Traveling along my own path in the way that best serves me as I create my own unique and beautiful story excites me.
  10. Although it feels daring to get off the fast-paced highway of athletic competition and take the scenic route, detours can be worthwhile because they lead me to discover beautiful things I would otherwise missed.
  11. The road less traveled is filled with the most stunning sights and the greatest sources of rejuvenation and inspiration.
  12. Flexibility allows me to prosper despite failure. Being flexible and patient with myself gives me the strength to keep going when I feel like stopping.
  13. I understand and accept that my worth as a human being is not based upon softball numbers.
  14. Even if my softball stats never get recorded in record books, the person I become through the practice, trials, challenges, and victories on the field WILL ultimately achieve success in the game called life.
  15. I cannot “fail” unless I give up and I refuse to give up on myself.

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