11 Great Softball Snack Ideas

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As a softball mom of 7, I’m always looking for great softball snack ideas. Believe me, you do NOT want to be in hour 10 of a long tournament day with 6 tired, sunburnt, HUNGRY kids!

It’s essential to my family’s health (and my sanity) that we bring along great snacks for the hours we spend at the softball field.

Not long ago, I asked fans on Facebook they like to take along with them to the field. I was happy to see so many people say sunflower seeds! lol

Seriously though, fans shared some great ideas!

If you ever need help figuring out what snacks to bring to the park, here are some suggestions from other softball fanatics…

1. bananas, almonds, cashews and string cheese

2. Chocolate Clif Bars. They have a lot of good stuff and provide energy.

3. Watermelon, fruit chews, cheez-it’s, peanuts.

4. Strawberries, jerky, Nutella to go packs, whales, Hawaiian roles made into little sandwiches, and BBQ fritos (I have no idea what “whales” are aside from big mammals that swim in the ocean, can someone clue me in?)

5. Fruit, Nutella to go packs, water, juice drinks, snack bars

6. Elk jerky, apple, water, and Redbull (elk jerky sounds fabulous!)

7. Seeds and sweet chili pistachios (can’t say I’ve ever tried sweet chili pistachios!)

8. Frozen strawberries and oranges, of course sunflower seeds!

9. Strawberries and almonds

10. Fresh fruit and turkey for the players and Bigs sunflower seeds for my wife and I. Love the new Old Bay flavor.

11. Orange slices, trail mix, granola bars and of course can’t be without sunflower seeds


If you don’t have time to plan or shop for softball snacks, get healthy choices delivered straight to your door every month with Nature Box!

Not only does it eliminate a task from your already busy softball life, it also provides good fuel for your body.

Talk about a win-win situation!

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