What if your daughter had confidence like a bird?

What if your daughter had confidence like a bird?

What if she knew that …

  • No matter what coach she had (or didn’t have)
  • No matter what team she made (or didn’t make)
  • No matter what tournaments/events her team attended (or didn’t attend)
  • No matter what mistakes made along the way
  • No matter what obstacles popped up in her path

She could STILL achieve great things and have an amazing life/future?

What if she believed enough in HERSELF, and her ability to fly, even if “the branch breaks” …

What would be possible for your daughter if she had THAT kind of belief?

Would you like to find out?

My fastpitch pal Paige Tonz, the mental game mentor, does Mindset Lessons for female athletes to help build resilience and confidence.

Paige has been a competitive softball player herself, even made it all the way to the college level. So she’s been in the same kinds of tough situations players face. She knows what it’s like to struggle with different aspects of the game or the experience, in general.

And, best of all, she really loves what she does, helping young ladies grow up through the game and through life <3

Click here to learn more and, don’t forget to tell her that Stacie sent ya 😉

what if your daughter had confidence like a bird

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