Are you underestimating yourself?

I think we underestimate our own ability to show up every day and get things done. 

There’s so much out there, and in our society, that teaches us that only certain things “count.”

Sometimes, showing up to the day and taking on the challenges and new tasks that arise because of curveballs being thrown your way still matters. 

Just because some other things get pushed aside to deal with the moment doesn’t mean you “aren’t getting anything done.”

On the contrary, you may very well be taking care of the most important things at the present time.  

And if you aren’t … if you’re using certain circumstances as an excuse to avoid others … be willing to take a look at that … ask yourself why, even if it’s uncomfortable. 

Honor the fact that life is giving you an opportunity to learn and grow and that you’re open to it 🙂

That matters too! 

Then begin taking steps to more directly face what you’ve been avoiding. 

Even if that first step is reaching out for support in that area. That counts. 

Maybe the first step is sharing the issue with someone who knows how to hold space safely for you to acknowledge how you can do better and/or what you’ve been avoiding … rather than holding it all in and trying to do it all on your own. 

All steps count, even baby steps. 

Let your journey make you stronger. Remember to honor the steps you ARE taking along the way, even if “most people” won’t be “impressed” by it. It still matters that you are showing up to every day of your life and tackling what you can/need to on any given day <3

Acknowledging what IS is not the same as “settling” for “good enough.”



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