Month: July 2011

Video: Summer Softball Training Hill Sprints in Sand

There are some “crazy” softball players out there who are doing this kind of summer softball training (and more) to improve their softball performance.  What are you doing to raise your game and outlast, outrun, and outplay your competition? ?hd=1

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When Adults Turn Youth Softball Into a Crime

This is just ridiculous. Adults really need to learn to keep their cool at youth sports events. In this particular case, there were 3 arrests made after a fight over a softball game. Not that it would make it much

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10 Ways to Reduce Softball Coaching Stress

The less stressed you are the better you coach. So, with that in mind, here are 10 ways to reduce your softball coaching stress… Stop Trying to Please Everyone – I actually have an entire blog post about that here.

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