Month: June 2013

Fastpitch Softball Success Tip: Play Like You’re in First, Train Like You’re in Second

Share this article: Click Here to Tweet I love this fastpitch softball success tip which I believe came from Softball Because (based on the wording on the picture).   Play like you’re in first: calm, confident, sure, enthusiastic, focused  

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Fastpitch Softball Coaching Cheat Sheet: 50 Common Situations to Practice

Share this article: Click Here to Tweet In case you need ideas for what to work on in practice, here’s a cheat sheet of 50 common situations to practice… save it, bookmark it, share it with others 😉 Defensive Situations

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5 Thoughts of Wisdom for Fastpitch Softball Players

fastpitch softball spiritofthegame

Share this article: Click Here to Tweet photo credit: Boysie Koga  I originally saw these thoughts in a CrossFit article written by Lindsey B. Smith and absolutely loved the words of wisdom she shared with other athletes in her sport.

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