Month: December 2014

Get Zepp: Softball Swing Analysis in the Palm of Your Hand!

click image to enlarge This is seriously THE coolest softball toy I’ve seen ALL year! Measure the most important aspects of your swing in REAL time as you do it. No more buying software to install on your computer. No

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30 questions a well prepared coach can answer

30 questions well prepared coaches can answer

Below you’ll find a tool I shared with the members over at Fastpitch411.  It’s a list of 30 questions well prepared coaches can answer. Where do you stand?  Can you answer all these questions about your team, your season? BE

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Inspirational Quotes for Fastpitch Softball Players

 I love reading great inspirational quotes!  People who came before us shared bits of wisdom, moments of inspiration, and verbal wake up calls.  Some quotes give you the kick in the butt you need.  Others serve as confirmation of something

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