Softball Success Tips – Don’t Do What Losers Do

softball success tips - don'ts

If you act, think, and talk like a loser, what do you think you’re going to be?

Probably a loser.

Now when I say loser, I’m not referring to teams or players that end up on the losing side of a competition, game, or tournament. I’m talking about people who never reach their full potential because they rather make excuses than work hard. They have a loser mentality and constantly use loser language. They’re typically hard to help and/or coach because, the truth is, they don’t really want help and don’t really want to be coached!  I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to help someone who didn’t want to help themselves.  It just doesn’t work.

With that said…

It’s tough to be a “winner” when you spend all your time and energy acting, thinking, and talking like a loser.

If you want to experience increased softball success, here are a two things you must do…

Lose the Loser Language
You can’t think or talk like a loser and expect success.  So it’s time to start eliminating your loser language.  These include words and phrases likes the ones below (I can’t, I don’t, But,):

  • I can’t do that…
  • But I don’t know how to…
  • I don’t know if I can…
  • That’s too hard…
  • Only bigger/faster/stronger players can so that…
  • But that’s not how I do it…
  • But that feels weird…
  • But I never…
  • I could do that if…
  • I don’t have time…
  • I’m too busy…
  • It’s not my fault…
  • If I had more ______ then I could/would be able to _______ too

Stop Doing What Losers Do
You can’t act like a loser and expect success. It’s time to suck it up and stop:

  • Making excuses
  • Getting defensive when others offer suggestions
  • Looking for other things or people to blame for your failures
  • Looking for the easiest way out of having to deal with problems vs finding the best way to work through/solve/overcome that problem
  • Waiting for others to tell you what to do or solve your problems for you vs taking responsibility for your own performance
  • Focusing on the obstacles, problems, and reasons why you “can’t”
  • Allowing circumstances around you dictate your confidence level and how you perform
  • Worrying about things you can’t control
  • Failing to take control of the things you can control

If you truly want to increase your softball success, you must first change your mindset!

Tell me, what change can YOU make after reading this?

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  • It’s always best to know the negatives but what are the positives?
    What are you supposed to tell yourself to do? If the negatives are all you have then you will repeat them over and over.

  • bad attitudes are seriously like a cancer in the dugout. i thought it wasonly a figure of speech but i’ve literally seen it happen.  last year all was good the girls were bouncing with enthusiasm and pride, and then “Debbie downer ” came to the game and said “its too hot today”.  thats it just those four simple words and i saw the entire team lose it and we never stood a chance that game

  • OUTSTANDING post. I love this one. Needs to be said, over and over again.

    Our bodies and brains do what we tell them to do — just the simple act of reversing a default “negativity mode” can do WONDERS!

    You aren’t going to become a superstar player just because you say “I’m a superstar player” but it goes a long way toward getting you on the road to becoming one. It’s that first big step, and it’s one you have to keep taking over and over again as well.

    You CAN do it! You are incredible. Work for the dream you have!

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  • I couldn’t agree more!!! I’ve had experience with girls that always have to have the last word in no matter what you are trying to tell them. Or the one that I missed that pop up because the sun was in my eyes (it was a cloudy day), the pitch went high because of the hole in front of the mound, I’m pitching wild because I’m just warming up. It gets to be an issue and definitely causes problems with teammates.

  • I totally agree. I’ve coached girls from 8u-12u and had plenty of girls with that attitude.

  • Yup yup! No time to think and talk like a loser. I got to work a with a coach that would hate on me, talk behind my back because I really wanted the team to succeed. He did not like the drills that I had the players do. Honestly, these drills were great, but long story short, he is not a basball or softball man, no instincts, no feel for the game at all. This was for a fastpitch team I helped coached. The last practice that I was involved in, well, its was sad. That coach stated at the begining of practice…”Ok lets hurry up so we can go home”. I was like really?? Talk about a loser mentality. In additon, regardless how strong the opponent is, I will not shy away as a coach, from throwing everything at the opponent to win. Some coaches arent willing to do from my experience. So why even be out there if youre not gonna go full force.

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