Training – Kettlebell Swings and Shoulder to Overhead

This is my boxer. She’s 12. She plays softball “for fun” but she really loves boxing and CrossFit. She uses CrossFit training as a way to increase her athleticism and her conditioning for the ring.

In this video, she was actually training for an upcoming CrossFit TEAM Competition as an alternate for someone who’d gotten hurt. However, she probably won’t need to compete because the injured team member is ready to go!

Some athletes spend lots of additional hours IN their sport (i.e. in the batting cages or in the bullpen for softball players or hitting speed bags/mitts for boxers).

However, my kids tend to enjoy doing extra FUNCTIONAL training in their own time (yes, my softball player does this too – actually, even my kids who aren’t in sports go to CrossFit classes).

I don’t mind that most the additional training they do in their “own time” is functional training vs specific sports skills because…

1) it’s still going to help them in the sports they play
2) it will help them in basic health and fitness even after their done with their chosen sport and
3) since it’s something THEY enjoy, I don’t have to “make” them do it or drag them to it (easier for all of us!)

Anyway – this is just a short 30 second clip that shows my daughter doing some kettlebell swings and shoulder to overhead lifts. Enjoy!

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