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Get Zepp: Softball Swing Analysis in the Palm of Your Hand!

click image to enlarge This is seriously THE coolest softball toy I’ve seen ALL year! Measure the most important aspects of your swing in REAL time as you do it. No more buying software to install on your computer. No

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Fastpitch Softball Video: Speed Tips for Baserunning

softball speed training video

Last week I gave you 5 tips for taking great leads. In the video, Kbands training shares additional ways to help you be your fastest on the bases. Focus on your start. Keep your chin down and knees up. Learn

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Training a New Akadema Glove

Slowly but surely my new softball glove is learning how to catch. No rush though since I don’t play competitively anymore. I love the way it’s breaking in so far! What’s your favorite trick for breaking in a new softball

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