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The Gift of ADHD in Softball

the gift of ADHD in softball

I have kids with ADHD. I truly believe that it provides some unique strengths for athletes! Here are some examples … Symptom: Gift Impulsive: can easily catch opponents by surprise Hyperactive: energetic Daydreaming: able to get into a positive, relaxed

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Is your daughter hard on herself?

how do i help my daughter not be so hard on herself

Does your daughter focus more the ONE thing she did wrong after a game rather than celebrating all the things she did right? Does she beat herself up after mistakes and stay down in the dumps, unable to get ready

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Episode 15: Making a positive impression on coaches

Eating Curveballs for Breakfast Podcast - with Stacie Mahoe

Find out how you can make a positive impression on coaches in ways that don’t depend on your sports skill or physical talent ot strength or speed. Listen in for “non-sports-skill” ways to set yourself apart and stand out in

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