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Struggle, truth, and moving forward faster


Sometimes you come across an area that’s challenging for you. Often there’s a reason WHY you aren’t fabulous in that area right now. It’s very important that you recognize that there is a reason and accept the current reality vs turning your current “struggle” or

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Fastpitch Softball Video: Speed Tips for Baserunning

softball speed training video

Last week I gave you 5 tips for taking great leads. In the video, Kbands training shares additional ways to help you be your fastest on the bases. Focus on your start. Keep your chin down and knees up. Learn

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5 Tips for Taking Great Leads and Putting Pressure on the Defense

fastpitch softball baserunning tips

As a player, I loved running bases. It’s so super fun to push your limits, make your opponents sweat a little, and take extra bases any time the opportunity arises. Good baserunners give defenses something to think about. They’re always

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