11 Phrases Successful Athletes Never Say On Game Day

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Short and sweet. Here are 11 phrases successful athletes never say one game day (and probably not on any other day either)…

11 phrases successful athletes never say one game day That's not my job. We would've won if you didn't _______. I hope the ball doesn't come to me. So I'm a few minutes late, no big deal. Why are you playing? Oh well, at least we tried (before the game is over). But my dad said... I hope we don't get our butts kicked today. Anyone want to take my spot? At least I did my job... We can't win with these umpires.
Successful athletes don’t look for something to blame. They look and their performance, think about how they can do better next time, and work on it.  They don’t stay focused on the “coulda, woulda, shouldas.”

No matter what, they want to do their best and help their team in any way they can, no matter what that may entail, no matter who is “supposed” to do it or not.

Successful athletes LOVE a challenge and WANT the ball. They WANT to be in situations where THEY can make a difference for their team. They look forward to it. They live for it!

Successful athletes also support their teammates and are a source of positivity and confidence others feed off of. They so often see the positive in any situation and, therefore, speak in more positive ways. The negative “what ifs” that  often pop into other athlete’s heads is not what they focus their thoughts on.

Doing their “own job” isn’t “good enough,” especially if their team is failing all around them. Great athletes look for ways to help EVERYONE do better, not just themselves. They help raise the level of play of their whole team whether they’re having a “good” day or a “bad” day.

What about you? Where do you focus your thoughts? Do you find yourself thinking one of the 11 thoughts listed above or are you more like the description of what a successful athlete is like?

If you want to get better, improve your game, and be a player people remember, move away from the list of 11 and more toward the description of successful athletes below that. Your mind is a powerful thing.  Don’t waste it on negativity.  It’s amazing how much your mindset affects your performance and your impact, good or bad, on the field.

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