Train Smarter, not just harder

One thing I’ve noticed about athletes who do strength and conditioning work, is that many don’t really understand much about the training, how it works, or WHY things are done. They just show up, wait for someone to tell them what to do, and they do it.

To me, this is the equivalent of showing up to softball practice and just going through the drills, following directions.

Following directions is great, but only gets you so far!

At some point, developing a deeper understanding of what you’re doing and why can really separate you from other athletes (or coaches!).

Being a student of the game doesn’t stop at on the field training. When you understand the basics of your strength and conditioning training as well, you …

— get more out of it

— make more progress in a shorter amount of time

— train smart AND hard for even greater results

Understanding the why behind what you do can also help you make better decisions about choosing your training programs in the future.

OR, even if you don’t get to choose because your coach or someone else decides that for you, you can gain an edge by working that program SMARTER than others who just “follow directions” in that part of their game.

For example, there is a time to modify a movement to something you CAN do well. This way, you get more repetitions done, with better form, in a shorter period of time.  Then there are times to tough it out and challenge yourself at a higher level of difficulty while taking more breaks and performing less reps.

Each technique benefits you in different ways and has a place in effective training programs.

It basically works the same way as hitting drills. You benefit from simpler hitting drills, like tee work, but there is also a time and place to see the kind of speed or demand the kind of reaction time you need to keep up with what you’ll face in competition. A great coach will incorporate both simple and more difficult levels of training into practice to help you get better. They will incorporate both the actual skill AND complementary drill work for maximum results.

In addition, hitting live isn’t the best way to get better at hitting live. There are tons of other drills that can help you hone in various aspects of your hitting so that you can be more successful on game day.

By the same token, doing shoulder work isn’t the best way to develop a stronger throwing or pitching shoulder. Doing more sprints isn’t the only, or most effective, way to help you get faster down the line. Working your “abs” isn’t the best way to get your core nice and strong for softball. Those things may produce results, but their effectiveness is limited. There are other exercises and components of training that will exponentially increase your progress in various areas.

A quality training program incorporates supplementary exercises for maximum results.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been recommending Barry Lovelace’s softball training programs for quite some time. I even flew him out to Hawaii years ago so he could work with our softball team and I, personally, use many of the same training techniques for myself and with my kids.

In 2016, Barry and I are going to take things a step further and do something that’s never been done before.

We are working together to give you his most popular softball training programs PLUS provide you with ongoing training and support for 6 full weeks during this preseason!

Yes, for the first time ever, you will be guided through 6 weeks of preseason training by both Barry and myself in a private Facebook group where you will …

— stay up to date with which workouts to do and when

— enjoy extra in depth training tips and coaching

— receive feedback on your workouts

— get your questions answered

— be surrounded by a family of like minded, highly dedicated softball players to support you, inspire you, and help you stay on track toward your goals during your preseason training

This is one of my FAVORITE parts of the season. I love, love, love helping athletes train smart and gain and edge to raise their game. AND, just like in softball, I don’t just bark out orders. We’ll dive in and allow you the chance to develop a deeper understanding of what you’re doing so you can train SMART and hard for the best results possible.

I cannot wait to work with you this season!

You will be using the same training methods world class athletes use to drastically change their game in a short period of time.

AND you’ll get regular input and support from BOTH Barry and I to help you reach your goals!

Space IS limited to ensure that you get the best support possible.

Because the season is right around the corner, time IS of the essence! 

Training begins JANUARY 18th.

Stay tuned for details on how to grab a spot in this program later this week. Until then, enjoy the last few days of the year and get ready to rock in 2016 🙂

UPDATE: You can now reserve your spot in this 6-week preseason training program HERE

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