Things to Consider When Your Coach Isn’t Who You Wish They Would Be

“A coach can really make or break an experience for an athlete.”

This is a sentiment that was expressed to me one day.

I DO agree that coaches ARE important. They are leaders and, yes, leadership matters. Yes, leaders can have an impact.

Jerry Lynch, and the team over at Changing the Game, often say, “Your influence is never neutral.”

In other words, you’re either helping or hurting. There’s no in between. There’s no neutral.

Solid leadership really can be like wind beneath your wings.

Poor leadership … well, that can definitely be detrimental.

I’ve had parents, time and time again, tell me about how a coach shattered their child’s confidence. About how she is now, even years later, still struggling to put it all back together, to get back in her groove again.

At the same time, my hope for every young lady out there, is for you to take as much of YOUR power back as you can!

If you have, or had, goals and dreams, do NOT let the “wrong” coach, or the absence of the “right” coach, take your dreams away from you.

Otherwise, it may be time for a good hard look in the mirror. It may be time to get real and ask yourself whether or not those goals and dreams you said you had were ever really YOURS at all.

Or were you just going after it because someone else said you should?

AND, if you can honestly say that those goals and dreams really ARE yours, then … keep … going.

Find a way.

Do not let who is, or isn’t, your coach keep you from what you really want.

The people you need will show up when you need them …

The right opportunities will be there too.

BUT you will need to be open to seeing those possibilities, rather than pre-occupied and blinded by the frustration of not having “the right coach” in your life right now.

Yes, this can be tough! I get it.

If you need some help shifting that focus, go check out the 5-day #ToughTeamChallenge. You’ll even get a chance to write out what you love and what you hate so that you can get all that frustration and upset OUT and get a reset going <3

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